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Circle planning materials


Welcome to Classroom Champions! We're excited to work with you to improve our Circle program.

We've provided a brief description of each of our existing planning materials, along with any specific points for feedback we'd love to receive from you. Please click on the linked title of each resource to view it.

Planning Manual: This booklet provides teachers with some background on what Classroom Champions is, as well as resources to deepen their understanding of Indigenous cultures. For each topic, the planning manual provides guidance around how the topic aligns with one of the Seven Sacred Teachings, along with vocabulary, book, and activity suggestions. We'd love your thoughts on how to improve, specifically, the Indigenous Learning Resources section, the book recommendations, and the student activity ideas.

Mentorship+ Talking Points: This document outlines the talking points we provide our athlete mentors, to help them create meaningful and robust videos for their mentees. Please note any improvements or changes you'd make to the Circle Connection section of each topic.

Athlete Profile Kit: This gives teachers and students a closer look at who their athlete mentor is and what makes them special!