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Do you have questions about the Curriculum? Would you like to find out how to use it?
Or perhaps you just want to talk to a human being - we totally understand that and we have a wonderful human on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Meet Kate and Monique

Monique is a devoted mother, former teacher and lover of all things creative. She chooses to walk in her purpose to promote and participate in the education and empowerment of our younger generations. In her free time, she is a movie/theater and music buff and is known to often break out into songs or movie quotes to go along with any given situation.

Kate is a Mom of boys, a former teacher and a big believer in connections. She is passionate about supporting educators and knows first hand the amount of time and effort you pour into your work everyday.
Fun fact - s
he also took highland dancing for 8 years!

Schedule a Demo

Feel free to schedule a demo with either Kate or Monique at your own convenience!