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Frequently Asked Questions

I’M IN! Now where do I even start?

Click the User Guide on your dashboard. This will take you through all the elements of the dashboard, the topics & how to use the content.

Should I go in order of the topics, or can I pick whatever one my kids/students are interested in?

In the User Guide, we have a suggested unit progression order. Each topic builds on the other to provide the foundational building blocks of social and emotional learning to youth. That being said, if you want to start with a particular topic that piques your interest or is more relevant to your current situation, that works too! 

Where can I get ideas on how to implement the content at home with my kid(s) or as a teacher for distance learning?

Check out the Parent toolkit for some simple ideas to get started.

Encourage your students families to sign up (it's free!) so that they can check out all the family activities or videos.

We also would love for you to check out Classroom Champions Community Facebook group! This is a group that is a mix of teachers, parents and community members working through this uncertain time together.

If you’re still having trouble contact us! Our Education team is ready to help you figure out ways to make this work.

Where can I find out how to purchase this for my class/school next year?

Reach out to Kate and she can help you find the best program for your class or school next year!

I want to learn more about the other programs for the future - who do I contact?

Kate was a teacher and now as a member of Classroom Champions, she can help you to learn more about all we have to offer!

Where can I find out the research or the impact Classroom Champions has had in the past?

Take a look at our Impact page which will give you some stats and figures. You can also download our Report to Communities and Impact Report.


Are you a for-profit organization?

No. Classroom Champions is a non-profit and charity that connects volunteer Olympians, Paralympians, Student-Athletes, and Professional Athletes to K-8 classrooms through a social and emotional based curriculum and mentorship experience.

How did Classroom Champions begin? How old is the program?

While competing in bobsled for Team USA, Steve Mesler would visit schools to talk about the lessons and experiences that had brought him to the top of his sport. Steve's view was that if he could change one kid’s life with his experience and his stories, it would be worth it. But then Leigh asked him, what if he could make a bigger impact? What if he could be a mentor, a consistent presence in kids’ lives?

In 2009, as Steve entered his final Olympic Games where he won a gold medal, he and Leigh decided to bring a handful of Olympic and Paralympic mentors into classrooms. And the first stage of Classroom Champions was born, featuring one mentor (Steve) and nine classrooms scattered across the United States and Canada. Since then, Classroom Champions has grown exponentially!

I want to know what types of funding I can use to purchase this program in the future. Where can I find more about that?

Contact us and we can help you to figure out what funding works for your particular area.

I want to share this resource with my principal or district. What can I send them to give them an overview of what you do?

You can send them this informational online book here or send them to our website to learn more here!

Do you partner with districts for district-wide initiatives?

YES! Contact us to find out more information on that!

I want my school to do this. Can someone from your team talk to my principal for me?

YES! Contact us to find out more information on that!