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Open Leadership Resources for Educators

Hey there, I am Steve Mesler, co-founder of Classroom Champions and Olympic Gold Medalist in Bobsled.

Over the last 15 years - I have been privileged enough to lead a number of different teams.

This includes the first American team to win Olympic gold in the 4-man Bobsled in 62 years. You can watch my EdWeb video here.

It includes the team that provides SEL curriculum and mentorship programs to thousands of teachers on 6 different continents.


Now I want to help you.


Download the FREE Leadership Skills Worksheets now and learn:

- How to build your team and culture 

- What you can do to guide yourself and your team through adversity

- How to identify what success looks like

- How to match your visions of success against your current realities

- How to develop your own strategies to deliver feedback to your team

- Methods to re-brand yourself through feedback

The Leadership Skills Worksheets are completely free.

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