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What does Mentorship+ add to the SEL Foundations Curriculum?

Mentorship+ means that you have a dedicated athlete mentor for the entire school year! On your teacher dashboard, you will see several additional features:

WELCOME TO OUR JOURNEY VIDEO: Begin by sharing a personalized video message from your athlete mentor, who will explain this year's SEL program to your classroom.

KICKOFF KIT: Find clever ways to reveal this year's athlete mentor to your classroom. Begin the year with this announcement, and then dive into the eight units month over month.

MENTOR VIDEOS: In addition to the Unit Athlete Mentor Videos, you will have eight thematic videos from your athlete mentor sharing his/her personal stories related to the units' eight themes. Play these in conjunction or to reinforce the Unit Athlete Mentor Videos. Help strengthen your students' connections to this year's athlete mentor.

COMMUNITY BETA: We are testing out a new exclusive community hub for you to connect with other Classroom Champions teachers and with your athlete mentor on a regular basis. Trade best practices and share your success stories with one another.

LIVE CHATS: You will be able to schedule two live video chats with your athlete mentor this year!

Plus, you have access to the suite of SEL Foundations Curriculum resources ... (continue scrolling!)

What is the SEL Foundations Curriculum?

Educator, parent, 3-time Olympian, and co-founder of Classroom Champions, Steve Mesler, shares an introduction to the SEL Foundations Curriculum dashboard and resources.

Using the Unit Materials

Here's a walkthrough of the SEL Foundations Curriculum and how to use the different components of a unit and lesson plans. To find the full set of units, upgrade here.


What are the Unit Athlete Mentor Videos for?

Some of the world's best Olympic and Paralympic sport athletes share their insight and knowledge to build social and emotional skills. These videos are foundational to the units' activities. To find all the Unit Athlete Mentor Videos, upgrade here.

What are Mindful Minute Videos?

Watch a quick explainer video on how to use the Mindful Minute Videos with your students. You can unlock more Mindful Minute Videos (in English and in Spanish) by upgrading here.

Engaging Families with Family Activities

Discover ways to engage families at home with the SEL Foundations Curriculum. You can upgrade to find all eight Family Activities packets (in English and in Spanish) here.


What are the Athlete Activity Videos

From cooking to exercises to drawing activities, these approximately 20-minute videos feature our athlete mentors and their friends sharing a bit of their lives at home.


Where can I find the M+ SEL Foundations Curriculum Program Guide?

Right here! Simply click to read or print our M+ Program Guide.