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Professional Growth Series

Classroom Champions provides a professional growth series every other month where educators will learn valuable skills to manage their environment inside the classroom and out. We teach kids about social and emotional learning, and we know that it's just as important for adults to continually work on those same skills. By increasing your own social and emotional competencies, you can ensure more powerful SEL implementation with your students.

Each session in this series will include...

Elite Athlete and educator perspective with a discussion and Q&A.

Concrete takeaways that are actionable and tangible. 

Creative solutions to obstacles in your environment. 

A moment to reflect, set goals, and discover your next step.


Upcoming: Setting Wellness Goals

As you begin exploring the Classroom Champions topic of Goal Setting with your students, begin to reflect on how you can set some wellness goals for yourself that will help you reach your other personal and professional goals.

Join us on Wednesday, September 9th at 4:00pm PT to learn more.

Setting Wellness Goals