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Classroom Champions Webinars

Check out our past 1-hour webinars showcasing best practices for integrating social and emotional learning into your daily classroom teaching and learning.

Recogizing Race in Education

About the webinar: 

The value of discussing the dynamic topic of race early with children is readily agreed upon, but HOW to do it effectively and empathetically is a resounding question. This webinar brings together Cynthia Martinez, Lead Educator for Special Education, Christian Taylor, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist in Triple Jump & athlete mentor; and Dr. Shaun Nelms, Education Partnership Organization (EPO) Superintendent, to share their own experiences of discussing and learning about race in schools.

What you will leave with:

  • hearing from others on strategic ways to both recognize and invite conversations about race and diversity in your local community.
  • Discover new social and emotional learning (SEL) resources to capitalize on those teachable moments that occur daily in our classrooms.

Classroom Champions Virtual Teacher Summit

About the Summit: 

The 2021 Teacher Summit was an incredible celebration of the K-12 teaching community across the nation! Topics included Student Advocacy, Growth Mindset in the Classroom, Outside-the-Box Challenges, and Integrating Classroom Champions into Curriculum. We were also joined by a wonderful keynote speaker, Rachel Rosenthal. Rachel is a Professional Organizer, Organizing Expert, and owner of Rachel & Company. She provided teachers with tips and tricks focused on organization and wellbeing

What you will leave with:

  • Practical organization and wellbeing tips for working from home as well as working in person in a classroom.
  • New ideas on how you can ignite student voices, incorporate a growth mindset and encourage students to think in innovative ways to solve challenges.

ASCD 2021 Conference: Classroom Champions Panel Regarding Mental Health

About the Panel: 

The education world is facing difficult times right now and the conversation around educator wellness is becoming more important. Join this panel and hear from 2x Paralympic Medalist and Classroom Champions mentor Deja Young, and Classroom Champions teacher Ella Maya, speak about their own experiences with mental wellness.

What you will leave with:

  • The knowledge that you are not alone if you feel overwhelmed, and it is ok to acknowledge this and ask for support.
  • Methods and suggestions to help with your own health and wellness.

Building an Olympic-Sized Growth Mindset

About the Webinar: 

Educators across the globe are anticipating a return to schooling that leaves many questions to be answered. Seeking to balance personal wellness with student and staff wellbeing, educators are facing what seems to be an uphill battle. Join this webinar to hear from Apolo Ohno, 8x Olympic Medalist and Classroom Champions friend, speak about how to build your Olympic- Sized Growth Mindset.

What you will leave with:

  • Strategies to carry you, your staff, and your students through any obstacle that might come your way this fall through our expert panelists.
  • Foundational research will be addressed by Dr. Rhiannon Mesler, Todd Nesloney will bring his experience as an administrator and educator, and Apolo Ohno will speak to his ability to persevere and become a champion.

Leading Through Uncertainty: An Emphasis on Social Emotional Wellness

About the Webinar: 

Leaders across the education world are facing uncharted territory during the COVID-19 crisis. Leading in a time of uncertainty requires dedication, focus, and consistency, the same skills it requires to be an elite athlete. Join this webinar to hear from leaders from both the sport and education world to explore practical strategies and foundational research to move forward through reopening school communities.

What you will leave with:

  • Feeling acknowledged and validated in their expertise and ability to champion a team forward
  • Understanding the importance of social and emotional wellness for themselves, their team and their students
  • Motivated and inspired to make a difference